blob kidz vr

You found the secret annoucement site!

Sequal to our Blobs games (Mutant Blobs Attck and other) but in VR!

VR Super HOT

Featuring new charactrs:

First Blobs you find and use powers. Static cling, who does 't
know what this is? How annoying but now you get that power to cling.

Guy Incognito nobody can tell a blob. You can walk into stores and
no won yells, so can absorb no problem.

Lil Angel: <Graham insert text when available>
all blobs
Easy D! The power of stardom! People let you past locked doors for

Chuckles: He is opposite, looks mean but has a name that makes you
think funny! Hard like a rock so sinks to bottom of water no problem.

Nuka: Radioactive so sees threw walls!

Congrats on finding our secret announcement. The official public announcement will be soon!
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